Bishop Auckland College Pickets visited by Head Office staff



Dave Johnson (Chair), Sheila Viney (Vice-Chair), Christine Grogan (Equality Officer), Phil Marshall (Picket), Barry Lovejoy (National Head of FE)


Pickets at Bishop Auckland College were up early and on duty this morning to show support for the national day of strike action on pensions.  Barry Lovejoy, UCU’s National Head of Further Education came to show his support for the picket.  Jon Bryan, Regional Support Official, also came to show solidarity with UCU members at the College taking action.

Dave Johnson, Chair of UCU at Bishop Auckland College comments:

It was a wet morning and an early start for the pickets, but we were joined by others as the morning went on.  The College is on a busy road and we got a lot of support from passing motorists who tooted their horns.  The action was at a difficult time for us, but we thought it was important to show our continued opposition to the attack on pensions by the Coalition Government.

Getting support from both Head Office and Regional Office was a good boost for us and it reminds members and Reps that we are not alone.  A cold morning in mid-May on the picket line is always that little bit better when we get support from other colleagues – especially when they bring spare pairs of gloves!


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