FE National Recruitment Week : w/c 6th March 2017

Message to FE branches from Sarah Parry, Branch Development Organiser:

As you know, UCU’s next recruitment week is coming up in week commencing 6 March, and in addition to ongoing recruitment and organising activity in your college, I would like to talk to you about your plans for this week.

The focus of the coming recruitment week will be on aiming to get literature into the hands of every potential UCU member in your college. This could involve you and other reps or active members in your workplace organising a ‘rota’ of times when you can talk to potential members and hand them one of our joining leaflets. You could also have a stall in a ‘staff area’ if that is better suited to your college. I can help with this if you would like, and can also organise getting you the relevant items you need, such as pens and the leaflets themselves.

Please let me know when is best for me to come and have a chat to you about this in the next week or so, or I would be grateful if you could let me know if you have already made plans or have ideas for recruitment week.