Newcastle College Branch unveil their new banner!

Picket Lines at Newcastle College began at 6.55a.m. on Thursday 24th April as UCU members took strike action to join the national campaign for better pay and the Branch had organised a new banner, a barbecue, negotiated free teas and coffees for all strikes from the local deli, and pickets with children who were off school due to NUT action also joined to show their support.
Almost 100 pickets surrounded the campus and covered the multitude of entrances. Support on the picket lines was excellent, with some people being involved in their first strike action. Local support on the picket lines came from FBU members, the NUS President of Newcastle College, NUT members working in local schools, and UCU members from the Universities in Newcastle.


Metro Radio and Century FM came down to the picket lines to carry out interviews and get reports, and the Evening Chronicle used our lively pickets to get a photo: