Northumberland College lecturers strike as pay rise is 0.2% and pensions are under attack


Pickets at the main entrances to Northumberland College, Ashington


Making pickets (and striking!) as visible as possible!


Pickets at Northumberland College were up early to picket and then went on to the centre of Newcastle for a march and rally, to hear Kathy Taylor (ex-Branch Secretary of Northumberland College and current national Vice-President) speak about the first national dispute involving all of UCU


Among the mass of people at the rally, Mavis Taggart (Branch Secretary), Toby Bell (Branch Chair) and Simon Chalk (Vice-Chair) and others!



Mavis Taggart reports:
Staff at Northumberland College both at Ashington and Kirkley Hall turned out early for picket line duty. They were rewarded finely with bacon and sausage butties! As usual on these occasions, spirits were high. What a shame it takes Government cuts to allow staff to spend some time together! The rally that followed was inspiring and it was good to see colleagues from other branches and have an excuse to sink a few beers!”