National Recruitment Week 3 : w/c 16th May 2016

Following the success of February’s NRW2 which saw an 80% increase in new members compared with the same week last year, UCU’s third national recruitment week took place during w/c 16th May 2016.

Some of our region’s events:


UCU Gateshead College held a Tuesday morning recruitment stall at the Baltic Campus. UCU Branch Chair, Richard Bathgate was the first person in our region to run the new ‘Tell us what matters’ campaign.

richard performance management

UCU Branch Chair, Richard Bathgate




UCU Northumbria University held a recruitment stall outside the main canteen at each campus over lunch time every day during NRW3.

On Wednesday and Friday the Coach Lane Campus stall ran the ‘Tell us what matters’ campaign, making Northumbria University the second branch to use our region’s new campaign kit.

Photographs from Wednesday 18th May courtesy of UCU Rep Carlos Conde Solares.  Carlos commented it was a very good day with lots of feedback, questions and information given to staff.


A very well stocked recruitment stall including our regional business cards and “I’m in the union because…” campaign posters

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Lots of interest at the recruitment stall


A very well stocked recruitment stall at Coach Lane Campus

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UCU University of Sunderland had a special meeting for all ATs, with the ‘Tell us what matters’ campaign stall at the entrance to the meeting.  The meeting was called after ATs received letters from the university asking if they would like to be employed next year.

IMG_3873 IMG_3862


  • UCU Middlesbrough College had a recruitment stall with UCU Branch Rep Ian Wilson
  • UCU Carlisle College had a recruitment stall and meeting with guest speakers Anya Cook from UCU Newcastle College branch and UCU Regional Official Iain Owens regarding the merger of Carlisle College and NCG.
  • UCU Lakes College West Cumbria branch held their ‘Coffee and cake / tea and biscuits Monthly Drop-In’
  • UCU Durham University branch launched their first ‘UCU roadshow’ in the Department of English Studies. The branch aims to visit and deliver a series of short talks to individual departments over the next term with UCU Rep Karen Jones
  • UCU Newcastle University branch held a meeting and had two recruitment stalls
  • UCU East Durham College held a lunchtime recruitment stall at Peterlee site