Northern Region Branches

The Northern Region of the University and College Union covers branches in Cumbria, County Durham, Northumberland, Tees Valley and Tyne and Wear.

Area Covered:

UCU Northern Region Area Covered

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Branch reps / officers and Regional Office staff will respect individual members’ confidentiality; however it will not usually be possible to proceed with most issues without some disclosure. Members who do not want details of their case to be disclosed should make this clear to the representative they are dealing with.

UCU’s expectations of your branch reps

  • All parties are expected to deal with all issues, whether in writing or orally, in a courteous and business-like manner.
  • A rep is not a counsellor
  • A rep is not a lawyer, although some knowledge of employment law is required.
  • The expectation is that the rep will build a collaborative approach with members seeking individual support – the problem remains the responsibility of the member.  Unions are not just insurance policies where you pay your dues and expect someone to solve your problems for you. Unions are self-help organisations where the members work together in order to solve common problems.


Your UCU Membership Record

Please remember it is important that you keep your UCU membership record up to date via the online facility eServices.  This includes making sure you are paying your membership subscription at the correct rate for your income.  Please check your membership record and make any necessary changes online at



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