Holocaust Memorial Day – Wednesday 27 January 2021


Dr Marek Szablewski spoke to UCU for Holocaust Memorial Day:


“My father fought in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. It was the single largest uprising against Nazi Occupation during World War 2. The Home Army (The Resistance) was the largest resistance movement in occupied Europe. The Uprising was planned to last a week, at most. It lasted 63 days. By the end, they had almost no ammunition, medical supplies or food.”


The story of Marek’s family, and what they witnessed during the Second World War, can be found here: https://www.churchillfellowship.org/ideas-experts/ideas-library/surviving-warsaw-1939-1945-untold-stories-of-occupation-and-the-ghetto


As witnesses to some of the horrors of the holocaust, Marek spoke to Jon Bryan from UCU about his family for the Northern Region’s podcast: https://anchor.fm/ucu-northern-region/episodes/An-interview-with-Dr-Marek-Szablewski-to-mark-Holocaust-Memorial-Day-2021-epbfmj


Picture shows Marek’s father (right) on Ul Grzybowska in Warsaw (Nov 1939 – Oct 1940)