Twitter, Website & Weekly Digest : Distributing Regional Communications to branches, activists & members

Our information resources standard practice is:


Regional social media is managed by UCU Regional Administrator Emma Alexander. Items provided for circulation to the region will immediately be:


  • Added to Facebook’s public Emma Alexander professional profile and either added directly to, or shared to @UCUNorthern page  Posts made under Emma Alexander and UCU Northern Region are professional posts by UCU Northern Region. Research has demonstrated there is more interaction in our region via the profile than the page. All posts are unbiased, professional, with no personal views made.


NB: We avoid emailing reps about individual issues unless absolutely unavoidable. This is to minimise the amount of emails reps receive.


Weekly Digest

  • The weekly digest is an online summarised version of our full events calendar and other items of regional news from Twitter and this website. All items in the digest have been published elsewhere, the digest refers the reader to these other publications.
  • The weekly digest is added at the beginning of the week. Throughout the week any necessary updates are made to the digest. The permalink remains the same but the content of the digest is kept up to date.
  • Every Thursday morning an email is sent to all our reps reminding them to read the digest. This constitutes what was previously referred to as the Thursday ‘UCU Regional Weekly Update’. The previous system was replaced in April 2015 to allow information to reach the region promptly, without waiting for Thursday’s old style update to be issued. The email includes a reminder of the permalink, the current content of the weekly digest and a reminder that the most up to date version of the digest is online.


The above standard practice is subject to change according to annual leave arrangements etc.


Regional Twitter

A reminder: You do not require a Twitter account to view our Twitter page.  Simply click on the link: @UCUNorthern  If you would like guidance on creating a Twitter account, UCU has a helpful ‘How to use Twitter’ guide available at Emma Alexander can also provide assistance.

We encourage you to use the hashtag #UCUNorth if you want to make reference to our region in a tweet.


Regional website

Branches are encouraged to provide items (photos, campaign reports, newsletters, branch rules, news etc.) for the regional website.  Every branch has its own section on the regional website.

Feedback and/or queries on the content or design of this website should be made via the online form at  or by emailing Emma Alexander at the UCU Regional Office.  If you find an expired/invalid link please let us know so it can be rectified.

If you would like to be assigned Contributor status to the website please contact Emma Alexander.  Website contributors can create and edit posts their own posts to be published on the regional website.   Alternatively, branches can email items for inclusion and the Regional Office will process them.