Derwentside College – closed to students on Thursday 24th April 2008

UCU Pickets, including Ian Stephenson, Phil Moss and Thea Khamis, were up early and outside Derwentside College shoing their support for the national strike action.


Derwentside College decided to close to students on the day of the strike, and pickets were out on duty in the early misty cold. Support for the strike was excellent from the staff, with UCU members being solid behind the action.

The response from the support staff who are primarily in UNISON was very encouraging. So too were the hoots of support and thumbs up from passing vehicles.

Ian Stephenson and Hilary Kurt on the picket line, with the almost deserted College in the background

“Never seen the place this quiet.” Support for the UCU National strike over pay was very encouraging at Derwentside College. Not surprising as Derwentside lecturing staff have still not been paid anything for 2007-2008 and are also in dispute over the college’s intention to move the pay date. Over 93% of Colleges paid the 2007/2008 recommendation given by the Association of Colleges. Derwentside College Senior Management are out of step once again.